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Cervical Screening Saves Lives 

Two women die every day from cervical cancer in England.

Cervical screening can stop cancer before it starts.

Cervical screening isn’t a test for cancer; it checks the health of the cervix and can prevent potentially harmful cells from developing.

Don’t ignore your #CervicalScreening invite.

If you missed your last one, book an appointment with your GP practice today .

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FREE HPV vaccine now available for all MSM aged 45 and under

The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine’s now available in Bucks for men who have sex with men (MSM) up to and including 45 years of age.

The vaccine will help prevent HPV infection, which can cause genital warts and certain types of cancer.

It’s especially important for those who are living with HIV, and those who’ve more than one sexual partner.

The vaccine’s available from the Brookside clinic in Aylesbury and the SHAW clinic in Wycombe

Please attend one of the drop in clinics or 0300 303 2880 for an appointment


bSHaW sexual health clinics in Buckinghamshire offer both appointment and drop in services.

Click on the clinic names below to find out more about the services they offer and clinic opening times.

0300 303 2880 to book an appointment.

Brookside – Aylesbury
Oakfield Surgery  – Aylesbury
The Swan Practice – Buckingham
Burnham Health Centre
Chalfont & Gerrards Cross Hospital
Watermeadow Surgery – Chesham
SHAW – High Wycombe
Wye Valley – High Wycombe
Youth Enquiry Service (YES) – High Wycombe

Free Chlamydia Testing for 15-24 Year Olds

Chlamydia is the most common bacterial STI in the UK, being most common in people under 25. It affects both men and women. Most people have no symptoms, so will not know they have it.

The test is quick and easy and you can do it yourself. Men will be asked to give a urine sample and women can do the test themselves by taking a swab from their lower vagina.

Order your free postal testing kit here

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The Mags Portman PrEP Access Fund

Terrence Higgins Trust has set up the fund to support HIV-negative people who need PrEP but are not able to access it on the NHS and can’t afford to buy it themselves. The Fund is open to people living in England and Northern Ireland who are on no income (except benefits).
Dr Mags Portman, after whom the fund is named, is a pioneer within the sexual health sector and is acknowledged as one of the key players in helping raise awareness of and support for PrEP in the UK. Read more

School pupils to be taught about relationships

The Government has taken the bold and necessary step of requiring all schools to provide Relationships Education in primary, and Relationships and Sex Education in secondary schools in England.

A Parliamentary debate on Relationships and Sex Education is planned for 20 March 2019. MPs will vote on the updated Government guidance.

Check out #RSEtogether

Children in primary schools will have relationships education and this will be broadened to relationships and sex education in secondary schools.

Health education for all ages will also be part of the curriculum in England.

read here the Government consultation response.

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